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Questions & Answers

Below are some answers to our most commonly asked questions



How can i pay?

All our customers can pay via paypal online or we accept postal orders, cheques, bank transfers or cash on collection.

I want to pay by debit/credit card but don't have a paypal account, can i do this?

Yes. Customer arent required to create or login to a paypal account. Customers can just make payment by entering their details onscreen via our secure server.


Repairs payment & invoicing

How  do I pay for my repair?

You will only ever be charged for a repair once it is complete and tested fully working unless payment as been made via Paypal upon booking. Payment can be made via Paypal, Debit or Credit cards, cheque, Postal order, bank transfer or cash on collection. A final invoice will be issued opon completion. Cheques will take 4 working days to clear.

What if i  don't have a PayPal account, does that mean I can't be invoiced?

No. An invoice will be sent to your email address and all you need to do is pay via a credit/debit card. There is no need to register for a PayPal account. Choose the "don't have a paypal account" button on the invoice email.

How do i pay via debit/credit card?

Click on the link in the email sent to you to go through to paypal's secure servers. Once there youll be asked to log into your Paypal account. You dont need to log in, just click the link below that says "Dont have a Paypal account click here to pay via debit/credit card" and follow the on-screen instructions.

What if i don’t have a valid email address, how can I pay?

If you dont have a valid email address we wont be able to send an email invoice. An invoice will be sent to your specified address. Payment can be made by sending a cheque or postal order to us. Please make payable to Fast-PC Ltd. Please be aware that your item may not be returned untill payment is complete.


Delivery & Posting

How should i send my item  to fast-pc for repair?

You can send your console to us by using any service you wish. We do recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery or First Class Recorded Delivery as we will have to sign for your package, meaning its fully traceable.

What should I do If i forgot to include my consent printout slip when I mailed my console to fast-pc?

Contact us as soon as possible! All console sent without a packaging slip will be put to one side untill contact is made. We will have a record of your details on our system which we will beable to match upon contact. No repair will be done without customer consent.

Do i need to pay extra for return delivery?

No. Return postage cost is covered by the price of repair. Return postage is only payable if the repair cannot be completed at the cost shown on your consent form.

Do you deliver to university or bussiness addresses?

Yes.  PO boxes not included. Contact beforehand for PO box returns.

How should I package my item?

For consoles such as the DS Lite, PSP and phones such as iphone, which are quite small, a layer of bumble wrap and a Jiffy bag will be sufficient to protect your item. A box is preferred but not essential.  We cannot guarantee the packaging will be the same for return posting, but it will be safe & secure.

Is it possible to check the status of my repair?

Yes. Please contact us either by email repairs@fast-pc.co.uk or phone us on 01709 910760 or 07730 523796

How long do I have to wait before my item is returned to me in working condition?

Once we receive your item work starts within 1-3 days and work is seen through to completion during that time. Most are completed the day we receive your item. You will be notified upon completion with return details. Overall turnaround time from the date of you posting to us (normal royal mail post) is around 1-3 days. eg customer sends item monday, we receive tuesday, item is posted to customer no later than friday, customer receives back sat at latest. Please be assured we wont keep your item longer than 3 days max. At any time unless specified. If there is any problem with your item or parts need to be ordered, we will notify you on turnaround time beforehand.

It says "next day delivery" so why havn't i received my item yet?

Most of our smaller items are sent via Royal Mail 1st class post with Recorded delivery. 95% of orders dispatched before 4pm will get to their destinations next working day, another 4% will get there the day after, however someimes Royal mail can take upto 7 days to deliver your item. Tracking numbers are available upon request. All repaired items are returned with full tracking. All catalogue products are shipped without tracking unless paid for as extra at checkout.

What if my item as been lost or doesnt appear within 7 days? - repair items only

All repaired items are sent with full insurance and tracking. Please rest assured we will do all we can to help in the event of a missing item.

What if my item as been lost or doesnt appear within 7 days? - catalogue items only

Most packages will arrive on time, however should your item take longer than usual, all we ask is that your wait 15 days before reporting a lost parcel. Then we will refund or replace without fuss. Overseas buyers are expected to wait 28 working days.

Im an overseas buyer, why should i pay for delivery?

All prices published on our website are for the UK only. Overseas parcels are generally more expensive to post than UK items, therefor we ask for a small charge to cover the extra postage costs. Repaired items are sent using a tracked insured service which costs substantially more for overseas customers.



How quickly can I expect a reply to an email message?

Most messages will be replied to within the sameday. Please allow for extra time on weekends and bank holidays.

Where abouts are you based in the UK?

We are based in Goldthorpe, Dearne Valley area. Close to Barnlsey & Doncaster within 3 miles of A1 access.

Do you have a landline number I can contact you on?

Yes, Please call 01709 910760

Do you have a Mobile number I can contact you on?

Yes, please call 07730 523796 



Is there a warranty or guarantee with my repair?

Yes. 3 months (90 days) from the date of repair.

Do I recieve a proof of my gaurantee and payment?

Upon making payment online, a receipt will be issued. Please retain this receipt as proof of guarantee.

What if the same fault happens again within the 3 months warranty period?

In the unlikely event that your item appears to have the same fault please contact us via email RMA@fast-pc.co.uk. You will be asked for a copy of your receipt when you send in your item again to us for repair under warranty.

Should i include any accessories when sending my item to you?

No. Unless asked.

Do you repair consoles and phones from outside the UK?

Yes. Please contact us beforehand. Always happy to help.

Do you repair consoles or phones that have been modded, chipped or have custom firmware installed?

Yes. Always give the full detials of your modification beforehand. Failure to report any modifications before repair may result in loss of modified usage.



When will i receive my pre-order?

pre-order work on a E.T.A. (estimated time of arrival). This is an approx. date. Times may vary. If a product becomes available before the ETA date it will be shipped on the day we receive it. You will receive an email upon disptach.

What if my pre-order is delayed?

If your pre-order is any more than 2 days late we will contact you with details. If these details arent suitable then an instant full refund will be given. No fuss.



My console or phone is totally broken should i bin it?

No please dont. We must dispose of electrical equipment in ver specific way to protect our environment. If you send it to us we will see if anything can be done to fix it. If not we can dispose of it for you in the right way.

How do i know which psp model version i have.....PSP1000, 2000, 3000?

If you take out the battery, behind it is a warranty sticker which will define which model you have. i.e it may say PSP1004 - this is always a PSP1000 model, it may say 3006 - this is a 3000 model.

Why can't some PSP2000 and all PSP3000 models be unbricked or recovered?

Sony updated the internal motherboard of these PSP's with a new chipset that cant currently be recovered from a brick. TA88v3.

My iPhone is a very expensive item and i dont really want to send it via post?

Dont panic, if your iPhone is sent via special delivery it will be insured upto £500 against damage or loss in transit. you can also use our drop off and collection service or our callout service if local or nearby. Fast-pc will always post your iPhone using Royal Mail Special Delivery with full insurance for your piece of mind. A courier will be used for muliple items.

Why does your website show links that dont seem to be there anyore or un-available?

Please clear your brwosers history & cookies before viewing our website.

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